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    Post by Mc Mental on Thu Nov 27, 2008 3:20 pm

    ive got a secret am not telling
    a can remember the first word I was spelling
    it was me it was mental
    al the doctors said I had potential
    then my mind went critical
    how im alive its a miracle
    al of that I fort was a dream
    but then al a could do was rhyme and mc
    so they put me on a line up n through me a mic
    I thought I was in limbo lost in twilight
    it felt so weird being close to death
    thought it was my final breath
    I opened my eyes and I was amazed
    watching all those hands being raised
    the doctors said I had something special
    to be an mc by the name of mental
    the doctors set my destiny
    said it was up to me keep up the creativity
    in every lyric in every word
    and get that praise you will urn
    from the ravers that will do the rest
    then you will you know your paths been set

    just leave back cheers Razz

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