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    advice mcs only

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    advice mcs only Empty advice mcs only

    Post by MC_ARKLE on Thu Nov 27, 2008 8:29 am

    if ya think youve got a shot on the mic and ya cant afford dex start off small
    i started mcing to cds in me bed room like it does the damage ya dont want ta go rushing into buying dex cause there not cheap ya could decide ya dont think its right for ya then ya stuck with a pair of dex ya dont want aye ya should write ya lyrics down in a note book so ya can keep going back to them ta make changes to ya ryhmes or just to write more or even when ya walking down the street and ya see a word on a billboard or summik that would sound good in a ryhme remember it and write it down at the back of ya lyric book like sao when ya start anew one yav got loads of words to fit into place

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